October 2012 Newsletter

A Note From Jenn:

Hello beauties! I just got back from a convention in Utah. It was fun to be away with friends and like-minded people that are working to make the world a better place, but there is nothing quite like being home with your family and sleeping in your own bed. I have some pretty important updates to share with you today, so I hope you will take a few moments out of your day to read and share.

I want to start by telling you a happy, happy story. It looks like I am going to be leasing studio space in Holliston, MA beginning in December 2012. I have been hoping, praying, and searching for affordable space since launching the SETA programs last year — it has been my biggest stumbling block to date. I was recently approached about renting a space in Holliston, and after giving it some thought, I am going to go for it  (I want to thank my husband, my mom, and my lovely friends Kerry, Lisa, Sandy, and Linda for their words of encouragement). Renting this space is a way for me to keep costs down, offer ample programs (even more customized ones), give back to the local communities, and have a “home-base” from which I can create classes and curricula. It is a place where dreams will be fostered and individuality will be honored. It is a place to do big, beautiful Self Esteem birthday parties and ladies nights out. It is a place to host collaborative communities of women. It is a space that will run on laughter and love. I am hoping it is a launching pad that will help me grow this program into something that touches the lives of men, women, and children from all over!

As of right now, it looks like we will be offering programs during the Holliston Holiday Stroll in November and then hosting a grand reopening in December. Please stay tuned for updates — and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the privilege of spending time with you and your loved ones, and letting me share my heart and my gifts with you.

All my love,


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Thank you!!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

jenn pipe certified self esteem elevation coach

Specialized Certification

I am so excited to share that I am currently working towards a certification in Self Esteem Elevation. NOT having sufficient levels of Self Esteem impacts relationships, communication, personal effectiveness, and the ability to reach your fullest potential. This is a widespread problem for both adults AND children. I look forward to being a champion for children, empowering those in need, and imparting soaring, unstoppable self-esteem into the lives of everyone I come in contact with. This certification will help ME be better, so I can help OTHERS be better. I am thrilled!! I will be booking 1:1 appointments as soon as I am certified. 🙂

self esteem sundays - be a part of it

Self Esteem Sundays

I am in the early stages of launching a project called Self Esteem Sundays. This is a project by you, for you. Write to me. Share your stories. Ask some burning questions. Each Sunday will feature answers to inquiries, share advice, and offer solutions. Stories can be anonymous if you don’t want the world to know your identity. I am envisioning a blend of artful and heartful: In person interviews. Exercises for building self-esteem.  A way to give back to you. So, who wants to be the first to reach out to me via email or Facebook and share a story I can feature as part of Self Esteem Sundays? I am offering free Self Esteem Through Art craft packs to the first 3 brave souls to share their heart with me. Can’t wait to hear from you!

register for our women's empowerment event

January 26, 2013

Save the Date!

I am so excited to let you know that I am running a women’s empowerment event in January. Additional details will follow, but this event is going to take place at a secluded, 100-acre log cabin retreat in Massachusetts. Without giving too much away, I want you to plan to join us for fireside soul sessions, artful exploration in a picturesque and peaceful setting, and a new way to simultaneously work out your body as well as your mind. We also have some amazing speakers lined up. Registration is limited to 24 women, so pay very close attention to all of the Self Esteem Through Art updates. I cannot wait to share this restorative, intimate, and educational session with you! Plan to be there with the women you love the most.