I gave up on resolutions about seven years ago. They weren’t working for me and were a waste of my time and energy. I’d vow, just like millions of others, to make these massive changes to my life merely because the calendar flipped. It had little to nothing to do with a deep-seated desire to make lasting changes. I’d jump out of the gate on January 1 ready to rock and roll, only to succumb to old habits within a matter of weeks or months. For me, turning a literal page was not reason or motivation enough to make drastic changes to my life and alter my character. It’s got to come from within…

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In 2008, I started focusing on a ‘Word of the Year.” This word became my guiding compass for how I wanted to live my life, and it has proven to be an amazingly beneficial and honored tradition. I LIVE this word. I BREATHE this word. I strive to BE this word. Such an amazing concept and one that I truly look forward to. In a way, this process is a bit more abstract than picking a specific goal, but it’s also much more all-encompassing. I no longer make resolutions. I instead pick words like STRENGTH and have that be the word that guides my physical and emotional bodies, as well as my business and personal decisions. Powerful. Flexible. Effective.

My opinion: resolutions tend to focus on what you think is WRONG with you. Picking a word for the year helps you hone what is RIGHT with you. I like that approach much, much more.

You can read more about my 2008 – 2012 words, and what they meant to me, on my blog. All of those words were such a phenomenal fit and I feel as if the words chose me those years. Big decisions were made, huge hurdles were overcome, and I began to cement my place in the world and truly come into my own.

Last year, my 2013 word was TRANSCEND. Looking back, it wasn’t as great a fit as the previous five years. When I started 2013, I viewed it as THE breakout year – the year that both my businesses would thrive, the year I became a household name, the year I made a difference in hundreds – if not thousands – of lives. Despite my optimism and outlook, the challenges showed up after a couple ticks of the clock. Honestly, I fell short in my outside aspirations, but grew tremendously inside. Regardless of the challenges, I made strides in all areas of my life, but I definitely didn’t transcend. And, it’s not the word’s fault…it’s mine. I didn’t live my life each day in a way that spoke of transcendence. It was more of a year of growth and exploration. It was a year of focusing on my role of mother and life-partner. It was a year of honoring how I FELT and living my life in accordance with that. It was a year of values exploration, speaking my truth, reevaluating personal relationships and making more sound business decisions. It was a year of doing and being without seeking permission first. In hindsight, instead of TRANSCEND, my word probably should have been TRANSITION. I wasn’t ready to break through just yet. My mild to moderate “upper-limit” fear, my tendency towards “either/or” thinking, combined with the time spent on honing my craft and building infrastructure has kept me in a developing state as opposed to an emerging state. I was still working on me (which is ongoing and necessary in my line of work) and still doing the most important work of raising two daughters in 2013. There are no accidents and I firmly believe that is exactly what I was supposed to be doing. The Universe has a bigger plan for me in 2014 and beyond – I am sure of it. Until I figure out exactly what that plan is, I will continue to explore my life, my family, and my business in a heart-centered and authentic manner.

On the cusp of 2014, I have given some thought to my new word for the year. I started with a list of 52 words that spoke to me; ranging from fearless to flow, proactive to productive, brave to balance. But, the word that spoke to me and stood out from the rest as I doodled, crossed out, and enjoyed moments of quiet introspection was NOURISH. Nourish is my word for 2014. It is a gentle word. It is a loving and compassionate word. And, it is the perfect word with which to welcome January.

picking your word for 2014

My past three years have been intense and my words reflected that. They were action words. They were bold, take charge words:

  • 2011 was DISCIPLINE. I was really hard on myself in 2011, but I accomplished a lot. The hard work paid off. I was rewarded with thriving businesses and a healthier body.
  • 2012 was IMPACT. 2012 was about community and business and connections and making a difference. It was a bold word for a bold year.
  • 2013 was TRANSCEND. Another big action word. Big shoes to fill. Made difficult with a heart that was in transition, and a mind that was moving in a bunch of scattered directions.

This year, I am bringing it back to center with NOURISH. This word will be my North Star. It is a word that will seep into my heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s a gentle word with powerful undertones. It’s a word with which I can envelop myself, my children, and my husband. It’s a word of compassion. It will encompass the food I eat, the way I treat my body, the way I make big and little decisions. It will guide which books I read, which movies I see, the people I surround myself with, and how I spend my free time. It’s a way to be more tender, not only with myself, but with the people around me.

This year will be about feeling good…and doing good. It’s about filling my bucket so I can fill others’ buckets. It’s about saying yes when I want to say yes, saying no when I want to say no, and not confusing the two. It’s about knowing what to accept and what to reject, and not second guessing either one. It’s about building scalable businesses according to my dreams and desires, not what everyone else thinks I should be doing. It’s about being a tender bad-ass with massive heart, and clarity in her soul.

Now, a question: what will this year mean for you? Share with me in the comments section below. I am curious to hear how you set intentions for the new year.

I feel optimistic about 2014 and I hope you do, too.
Happy New Year!

Wishing you health, happiness, love, and prosperity —