You may not know this about me…but, I am a self-professed office supply whore. I have never met a fine point pen, Post-It note, Sharpie, or journal that I didn’t like. And, when my brand new, unblemished planner pages arrive at the beginning of the year – I get giddy with excitement and anticipation. So, you can understand my unabashed glee when this beauty arrived on my doorstep last week! Three hundred and sixty-six days of pristine possibilities. A blank slate. A clean canvas. Another opportunity not for a do-over, but a do-better. The master plan (see, it says it right there). My guiding compass.

Master plan

Some might say I am antiquated, what with putting pen to paper and all in the age of endless technology. But, I am both visual and tactile, so this works for me. I set up appointments on my smart phone and can text with the best of them — but I still thoroughly enjoy grasping my favorite pen in my right hand and feeling it glide effortlessly across the pages. I enjoy the process of dreaming and scheming. And, it feels much more real when it shows up in my own handwriting, as opposed to a sans serif font on a tiny little screen.

And, when I got those pages this year, I sat and stared. I pondered. I reflected. I took myself off of Facebook for the first time since setting up an account (which is both my positive networking vehicle and my negative time-suck vortex) and took a break from blogging. Social engagements were kept to a minimum. Quiet time to listen to my own voice was paramount. I knew that I wanted 2012 to be big and bold and bodacious. Hell, in my opinion, 2012 is either going to signify, as the Mayans indicated, the end of time; or, more than likely, it will be the dawning of a new era of positive spiritual and physical transformations. Either way, I want to put myself ahead of the curve and be prepared. So, as I said on January 1 to my Facebook friends: I have retreated to my Soul Cave for some reflection and introspection. I am emerging over a week later and I don’t think I have it all figured out yet, but the year is definitely starting off on a positive note and I feel ready to soar. I’ve never taken this amount of time for introspection before. Never focused as much on my purpose and my desires as much as I have this year. And, that feels like a very positive step for me. It makes me believe that 2012 has ample magic in store for me if I keep listening to what my soul is telling me and keep focused on the big picture.

Looking back, 2011 was a good year. It was a year of growth and transformations and I have a lot to be proud of. But, it was also a year of a lot of “noise” (and I say that in a figurative kind of way). It could have been a GREAT year if I didn’t allow in a lot of the distractions that took me off path and off purpose. So, to combat the “noise” — I took some time off the grid in 2012’s infancy. I think it will serve me very, very well as the year creeps on. Combine that with my commitments to use these pages to their full extent, to immerse myself in all that is important to me, to nourish my mind, body, and spirit, and to emerge as a leader in various fields — and if the world should end following my 41st birthday in December, I am certainly going out with a bang! 🙂

File tabs

Anyone else have any goal-setting traditions they would like to share? Any lofty and ambitious plans they would like to make public? Any small modifications to your life that might have big impact when compounded over days/weeks/months? Any goals for helping others and making a positive impact in the lives of others?

I love to hear from you. Make 2012 count!! I’ll be rooting for you!