Once upon a time, there lived a Princess who was so filled with emotions. She laughed and smiled when she was happy, and also had an innate knack for filling her world with laughter even if she was very, very sad. She used humor to diffuse uncomfortable situations or to mask any pain she was feeling. Laughter and smiles became her swords and her shields to keep the demons at bay. She also ran from heated discussions, despised arguments, and tried to avoid them at all costs. She was a peacemaker and a caretaker, a label and a role she took on at a very early age. A label that has followed her through adulthood.


This Princess has grown to give her all to everyone but herself. When at her employ, she strives for perfection and goes above and beyond the call of duty. When mothering, her offspring come first. She does her very best to nurture, and educate, and love without limits. As a friend, she strives to be a giver, a good listener, and a loyal confidante. She longs to bring light into others worlds. As a wife, she aims to please and is saddened on the occasions where she feels she falls short. Yet, she loves with an unconditional love that she fears her Prince may never fully comprehend. She gives tirelessly to those who come across her path.

Then, as the Princess noticed tiny pieces of herself scattered all about, she began to wonder: “If you give and give all the time without requesting or getting much in return, can you literally give yourself away until there is nothing left?” She clicked her heels together and wished for guidance…

click your heels

After much private deliberation, it came time to replenish her own well with water. To nourish her own beautiful Princess soul. To tap into her gifts. To rediscover her passions and the things that make her heart happy. For things to get better, she knew she had to get better. And, get better she did. She was reminded that the world is your classroom and in a rich, fulfilled life, you are never done growing. She learned lessons from paupers as well as kings — everyone had their own story to share. She realized that it was okay to be a work in progress and that the best was yet to come. She continued her climb, despite the naysayers and the people who sit idle and find joy in her struggles.

spiral staircase
The Princess realized that, yes, you can literally give yourself away and lose yourself in the process. She was determined to stop it before she no longer recognized herself or had any valuable gifts left to give. Not all of the people in all of the land were appreciative or supportive of the Princess’s new journey. They didn’t understand it. They mocked it. For they were takers only. And takers only know how to get, they are very rarely good at giving. The Princess was able to identify those people and move on. The Princess decided once and for all that she wanted to surround herself with good people, beautiful people, fellow givers who do not steal others dreams or belittle their ambitions. Givers don’t blame, they grow. The Princess would leave the tarnished, familiar yet incompatible souls by the wayside in the search for more kindred spirits with which to share her laughter, her love, and her light. And, to accomplish these lofty things, that might mean that the Princess spends some time alone — but she is okay with that.

The Princess’s  journey has been eye-opening, freeing, painful, difficult, exhilarating, and rewarding. Some of the people who have remained in the Princess’s path are not yet used to the new Princess; the more self-assured Princess, the more contemplative Princess, the more in-control Princess. The Princess who has become more physically, spiritually, emotionally, creatively, and cerebrally in tune with herself. The Princess who is still very willing to give to others (for it continues to make her happy to give), but also makes sure to leave something aside for herself.

The road for this Princess is long and the journey is far from over, but the Princess is starting to feel better already.

long journey