Today’s Podcast tackles another issue in the Women’s Empowerment series: are women effective negotiators? Why? Why not? Are we happy where we are? What, if anything, can be done to affect change?

After reading an article in a recent issue of Flow Magazine, Jenn found herself fixated on, and slightly agitated by, the article. So, she did some soul-searching and some research. Her findings just might shock you!

In this episode, Jenn tackles hard questions such as: Do women always get the short straw? Are we getting what we want, when we want it? When is it important to focus on ME instead of WE? What role does gender inequality play in  our negotiation strategies? Is it okay (or acceptable) to be self-centered? How is this impacting us in the bedroom and the boardroom? And, how can we make consistent and effective changes in order to hone our negotiation skills and live the life we desire?

Give today’s episode a listen and let us know how you feel about this topic? Have you ever made big sacrifices to save face? Did this episode elicit a similar response to Jenn’s when she read the article? Why?

Much more information in the expanded show notes…so head on over there after you listen to the episode. It’s your place to be empowered and inspired.

Keep laughing, loving, and learning.