peony budIn this, the 13th installment of Areté Today, we dig deep into some profound lessons from the garden. I’m one of those people who gets my inspiration from a multitude of sources—the ocean, art, literature, other people—the list is endless. This Podcast is based around anecdotes I gleaned while (both literally and figuratively) turning over lots and lots of rich soil last weekend. This episode is rich on a diet of soul-food. It is poignant and thought-provoking in a way that I havn’t yet really shared on iTunes. If you are a seeker or a sower, you need to listen in today. Questions that today’s episode will ponder:

  • What does a butterfly bush have to do with finite beginnings and ends? When is the best time to enjoy ALL things?
  • How are relationships like flowers? Why is a balanced pH important? Why don’t relationships, particularly the treasured ones, survive on autopilot?
  • Aside from people, what other things whisper in your ear and beg to be seen and noticed? How did a peony in crisis remind me of this?
  • What kinds of unspoken agreements exist between gardener and flora? How are they similar or different to the unspoken agreements between humans?
  • Do plants carry excess baggage? How does it impact them? How does that differ from the baggage that humans carry?
  • What can you do before you enter into a commitment with a plant? Or a human? Why don’t we come with fact-tags? What would yours say if we did?
  • What is Jenn’s analogy between soil and soul? Why do you need a shovel for personal development and empowerment?

One final note, the world lost one of its most beloved today. Rest in peace, Maya Angelou. In one of her quotes, she encourages you to “astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.” That is how I try to live every day of my life…at the end of my road, I can only hope I have succeeded. Fly high, Maya, you’re a caged bird no more.