Who doesn’t love a good sports analogy? I have my sporty side, too. I’ve gone from varsity athlete to sports medicine professional to the wife of a four-season coach and mother of multi-sport children.  Today I’d like to pay homage to my sports-minded side and share a very important analogy with you today.

Bruins flags

In the sports world, you hear a lot of talk about “franchise players.” A franchise player is not only one of the best players on the team, but the player (or players) that the owners build the team’s foreseeable future around. Tom Brady (New England Patriots), a franchise player. Lebron James (Miami Heat), a franchise player. Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask (Boston Bruins), franchise players.

There are times when an entire organization’s worth rides on the shoulders of the franchise player. Franchise players draw crowds, generate tons of revenue for their organization, are often the recipient of lucrative endorsements, and their merchandise sells like hotcakes. A franchise player is almost never more important than they are in the playoffs. If the team advances, that means more games, more money, and more merchandise sold. Owners are elated when their franchise players come through in the clutch, resulting in additional revenue and notoriety (*think Patrice Bergeron in Game 7 versus Toronto in the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs; epic example of a franchise player coming up big).

Because so much rides on the well-being of the franchise players, it’s imperative that the pistons in all facets of their life are firing at full throttle. They need to be taking care of their bodies with proper training, nutrition, and rehabilitation. They need to be sure their minds are stimulated and their thoughts are positive. They need to have an amazingly supportive and loving circle of influence. Their finances need to be well taken care of and their assets managed. And, ideally, they are engaged in cultural and charitable endeavors as a way to give back to the community.

Now, when you sit down to think about it, who is the franchise player for your team? Is it your spouse? A parent? Your kids? Your boss? I sincerely hope you said that the franchise player in your organization is YOU! Aren’t you the CEO of your home, business, and social life? If not, you should be.

Regardless of what your net worth is, you hold tremendous personal worth and you deserve to give yourself an impeccable level of care. Give serious consideration to this as you go about your day-to-day.

You Matter

If someone else is always calling the shots for you, reevaluate.

If your physical well-being is but a blip on your radar, reevaluate.

If your social circle is not supportive and drains you of your happiness, reevaluate.

If your finances are in shambles, reevaluate.

If you are often the martyr, grudgingly granting others’ wishes before your own, reevaluate.

If you never take any time to give back, explore a higher purpose, and feel a sense of fulfillment, reevaluate.

If your passions and pursuits of happiness lay unfulfilled and neglected, reevaluate.

Take better care of yourself
It’s time to start flawlessly taking care of your own well-being with impeccable care, careful consideration and conscious investment. It’s the shrewdest and most prudent thing you can do for yourself and those who depend on you. Your future undoubtedly depends on it!

With love,