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Old School Image
Friday, November 14th, 2008

Not many of my blog readers have known me for a long time. But if you did, you would know that I was an athlete back in the day. I played soccer, was an MVP softball shortstop with a .425 batting average, swam, lifted weights, and could run a six-minute mile. I had this inherent athletic ability and I loved the endorphins that came from 90 minutes on the soccer field or an hour on the rowing machine. It felt good to sweat. It felt good to get my frustrations out on the field and smack the crap out of a softball.

I created this layout last summer. That big picture was from high school — a friend asked me to model for a portfolio he was creating. I like the picture. It was taken at least 20 years ago. It was me, back in the day. Looking very similar, and yet very, very different than I do right now.

TIP FOR TODAY: Whenever you have the opportunity, dig out your old photos and scrapbook them. Reminisce. Reflect. Remember. It’s often nice to take a walk down memory lane and think on how you got from Point A to Point B. It’s important to leave a record of your story. Your family will be thankful that you did.