Hello everyone,

This will be a short post, but I am trying to get the word out to as many people as quickly as I can. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekends and got to spend some time relaxing and catching up with loved ones. As you may or may not know, I have committed to working with the Franklin Food Pantry to “sponsor” 100 families this holiday season and provide 3,000 meals through a very special program called Nourish the Children. It’s a lofty, yet attainable goal. I wish money was no object and I could just buy the 3,000 meals on my own — but unfortunately that is not possible. There have been moments this year when it has felt as though my small business was on life support and I was wondering how my own family would get by. In case you don’t know — a bad economy crucifies the small business owner and the middle class first. However, as uncertain as things have been in my fiscal life over this past year, I have realized that my family is still better off than many people and I want to help those that are less fortunate and make a difference in the community. In order to do that, I am organizing a fun and memorable event for the participants and giving back to those in need. It’s a win-win!

I am hosting a fun crafting event this coming Sunday, December 4, to raise $$ for this cause. All of the proceeds will go to feeding hungry people in our community (did you know that 3,000 people in Franklin alone depend on regular food assistance?). For four hours, I will be renting a space so that adults and children will have the ability to come in, sit at a variety of stations, and make an assortment of holiday crafts. This will be a great family event! I am hoping you will take some time out of your day to have some holiday fun and support an amazing cause. Details are on the attached flyer.

Some additional details/things to consider:

  • I do need you to RSVP in advance. Due to the hall rental and the supply purchases, I need to have a headcount.
  • Feel free to come with your children, or just drop them off for a while.
  • This event is open to people of all ages, as there will be a variety of “stations” and crafts to participate in.
  • You do not have to be free for the whole time to have fun and make an impact — feel free to just stop in for a few minutes if you are pressed for time.
  • This is an open-ended event and you do not need to be present for the whole 4 hours (although, if you are having a blast — you can certainly stick around as long as you want)
  • Please spread the word! Post on your Facebook wall, share with your email lists, tell your co-workers, talk to your children’s friends, tell your children’s teachers, come with your neighbors. The more, the merrier — and it is my desire to have overwhelming attendance and make a difference in a lot of lives!
  • There will be a wide assortment of crafts and everything you complete you get to take home. Some of these would make cute holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Everything from making vintage ornaments to stringing garland to painting and glittering.
  • If you are unavailable to attend in person, but would like to make a donation, please contact me directly.
  • If you live in another town besides Franklin and would like your donation to benefit a more local food pantry/soup kitchen, you can provide me with the information and I will be more than happy to donate there in your name.
  • Payments can be paid via Paypal, cash, or personal check

Crafts for a cause

The rest of the details appear on the attached flyer. Please RSVP ASAP!
Best wishes and happy holidays!