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Many of you may know that I was recently asked to be a writer for Zujava, an article sharing Web site. Zujava is a great place to share knowledge and ideas, become a recognized expert in a field, and get paid for your expertise. (If you want to sign up to be a writer, there is no cost or obligation — check it out and sign up online!)

There is a lot of great info over there: travel articles, home business tips, how-to’s, recipes, music, games, etc. etc. It’s shaping up to be a really welcoming, informative community and I am enjoying my time over there.

Wanting to keep you in the loop, I thought I would take some time today to send you over there, have you read up a bit, and bookmark the page. Here are my contributions to date:

I haven’t deisgned a system for what kinds of posts will live where. I am thinking that this blog will be my “kinder, gentler” space and the Zujava blog will be a bit edgier and/or a bit more informational and resource oriented. Follow me both places to stay in the know!

Also, in other exciting news, my Web site is slowly and surely beginning to take shape. It is going to be my primary home for all of my services and passions — business development, wellness, and soul stew will all live in perfect harmony. I am hoping to have all of my content ironed out, plugged in, and ready to rock and roll within the month.

Thanks for popping in! Have a great day!