IMG_9149First and foremost, HOW IS IT JULY ALREADY? The first six months of 2014 have whizzed by in a blink!

There is a new Areté Today podcast on iTunes today. Admittedly (and sheepishly), it has been quite some time since one has been recorded. The old me would beat myself up over it, but the new me is allowing things to happen when they need to happen and—quite frankly—a lot of life happened over the past few weeks and I was too unfocused and spread thin to compile any worthwhile thoughts.

Where I wanted to spend today’s recording time ranting about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court, I ultimately chose not to. Maybe later, but not now. I will explain why in the podcast.

Today’s podcast was largely born from a recent vacation and time as a family. The recording is dedicated to diving down and coming at things from a new angle. A change in perspective can elicit a change in understanding and that is what I will be talking about today. There is always something new to learn, there is always another viewpoint, there is always room to grow, there is always more treasure to find.

Also, I touch on how there is a time and place for sarcasm and sass and what to do if you want to change the tone of a conversation or the energy in the room.

I think you are going to enjoy today’s recording. Download it today and give it a listen while driving to the beach, sitting by the pool, or preparing for a big vacation!

Happy early 4th of July to everyone! Celebrate safely!

Until next time, keep laughing, loving, and learning.