self esteem through art testimonials

When I first saw Jenn’s Self Esteem Through Art class on Facebook, I was immediately drawn to it.  The class promised to flex my creative muscles while focusing on areas I desperately needed; more self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall positivity. Let me tell you—this class delivers! In class, I learned how to use art journals to document daily life and help me figure out why I was feeling so stuck. We used a variety of different art techniques that really got me thinking creatively. Those techniques were used with specific healing themes in mind; we used our creative muscles, our brains, and our hearts. Best yet, Jenn teaches her classes in an open, healing, judgement-free manner; you really bond with your peers as you heal together. In addition to all the creative artwork, I really enjoyed the friendship, laughter, crying, and insight I learned from the others in the class.

If you’re like me, feeling stuck, lacking self confidence, unsure of what you want to do next in your life, or are just looking for an outlet to bond, laugh, and grow with others like you, I strongly recommend taking a class at Self Esteem Through Art. You won’t be disappointed.

Karyn M.


This is amazing! Jennifer is so creative and thoughtful – she held a room of freshman (high school) girls captive while they wrote letters to their future selves, wrote notes of friendship for a beautiful birch branch mobile, and sketched and painted unique pictures. I highly recommend and can’t wait to sign up for an adult class!! The studio is clean, bright and happy, and Jennifer is a joy to be around.



What you did in your class should be a MANDATORY class for EVERY GIRL age 8-18! My daughter loved the class and I loved the way she came home and what she BROUGHT home! You gave her something she will cherish and a feeling of love for herself that is priceless! I can’t thank you enough or praise you enough for the work and effort you made for these girls. You gave my daughter an incredible outlet for her creativity, something I have not been able to do! Thank you so much -we will look forward to many more of your classes in the future.



Jenn’s combination of self-esteem, empowerment, and art is a game-changer for anyone who spends time in her studio! It is such a positive, warm, and loving environment for both my daughters and me. As a woman and mother of two girls, I am acutely aware that I lost my innate creativity somewhere along the way. I feel such a boost when I give myself “me” time with Jenn and explore my life in this artistic way.

As I watch my daughters grow and learn in the Self Esteem Through Art programs, I know Jenn is helping to give them tools that I never had as a child. They are handling themselves with such poise and confidence and are much more observant of the world around them than I was at their age. Jenn gives them tools each week to help them express themselves in a confident, authentic way. I am so grateful to have a partner outside of the house that is introducing and reinforcing these important messages.

Denise G.


We are so grateful our middle school daughter has a space in your studio classes. It is especially important for her to be in your program right now because she is really suffering through some middle school trauma and social challenges with other girls. At least we know your room is a safe space and we believe the journaling and the artwork is the best possible thing for her. Thank you!



As a mom of three girls, I am beyond thrilled with Jenn Pipe and what her Self Esteem Through Art classes have to offer! My high-schooler gathers her friends for all of Jenn’s empowering one-night offerings. Jenn’s themes resonate with all the girls and they leave class feeling heard, seen, and understood. My middle daughter has been a loyal attendee in Jenn’s classes for the past three years. Jenn’s studio is her safe haven and where she lets loose creativity, socially, and personally. My youngest, when she attends, leaves classes with a sense of authentic pride and accomplishment. As a participant myself, I can attest that time spent with Jenn is always a time of reflection and restoration.

Jenn delivers her messages from a wide-open heart. She encourages personal growth, helps people get “unstuck,” and is truly committed to making the world a better place. I would highly recommend Jenn’s programs to girls and women of all ages! She is a hidden gem for all who have ever struggled with self-doubt, self-esteem, or are just wanting some time for themselves in a supportive, judgment-free community.



I wanted to take a minute and thank you for having our daughter in your classes.  We’ve had a very rocky last 7 months, and we have been trying to make sure we are paying attention to how we all are feeling, but it gets difficult sometimes.  I got a sense from the first day of your class that our daughter felt safe there, and with you, and the girls and that made me be able to breathe a sigh of relief that I could provide her with something wonderful in this time of upheaval.  I’m sure that her creations will be the focal points in her new room; she will be able to look at them and think of all those positive messages and experiences you were able to share with her.



I feel so much more artistic and joyful in Miss Jenn’s studio. I love that we get projects, but they don’t all have to be the same and I have the freedom to do it my own way. I love going there right after school because it helps me to feel more calm. The Harry Potter class was my favorite one so far. I loved the messages about being yourself and standing up to mean people and we got to do really cool art projects in that class. It was a lot of fun.


4th Grade

I think the lessons and the mental messages you teach these girls to carry in their hearts is absolutely what every girl needs. They need to hear it from other adults (not just their parents) and know that there are other adults that care about the kind of girls they grow into. I, for one, am thrilled to know that you are rooting for my daughter in her personal growth, and it will go a long way for her to know it, too!



I was initially not really sure what to expect in Jenn’s classes. Her enthusiasm, artistic creativity, and open heart are intriguing and infectious qualities that ultimately drew me in. The first few weeks we used art materials I had never used before while we explored meaningful and relevant topics through a combination of discussion, reflection, and art journaling. I didn’t realize how powerful art journaling could be as a personal awareness tool! For me, it opened up creative channels that had been quieted for too long. It’s a fabulous group of women seeking similar creative channeling. I can’t wait for the next class to start!

Amy B.


Today is my daughter’s last art class and I just wanted you to know how sad that is for her. Your class is the absolute highlight of her week! Sitting around the dinner table on Mondays, she is so excited to share the fable of the day, what different art mediums she used, what the fable means to her, etc.

In early November she starts swimming and has practices on Mondays. She is so sad about the conflict with art. Where she is free next Monday, but not Mondays after that, she was asking if she could use her piggy bank $$ to go just one more time. I explained to her that’s not how it works, but I did want you to know that she does want to continue. We will certainly be looking to sign her up again in the future.

Ali L


I cannot speak more highly of Jenn and the business model she has created. She offers an amazing, nurturing atmosphere where it is safe to explore both art and feelings. My daughter has experienced a lot of trauma in her past and she has worked with Jenn to use her passion for art to open up and begin to love herself more. It has been an amazing experience, and has really helped boost my daughter’s confidence, reduce anxiety, and help her learn how to self regulate her emotions. The Self Esteem Through Art art projects are always creative, fun, and age appropriate. My daughter is thriving thanks to Jenn’s dedication to offering a warm, loving environment!

Laura K.


Miss Jenn’s studio is a really pretty place that feels peaceful and calm. I love that I get to have fun there and I have a chance to be more creative, because I don’t get to do that as much as I want. I feel more independent because I go to her classes so much! Her art journaling and painting projects are my favorite—I especially loved her crazy hair canvas class and the message about handling bad days in a positive way.


6th Grade

I have a daughter who has been attending Jenn’s self-esteem based art classes for three years now. I have been impressed by her unique qualifications as a Self-Esteem Coach, artist, and all-around beacon of hope, love and positivity. Through her business, she has created a very special environment where kids (and adults) feel welcomed, supported and encouraged to be the best they can be. My daughter, who can be very shy, reserved and at times unable to take chances by joining a class where she doesn’t know anyone, has blossomed in Jenn’s classes. She has created beautiful pieces of art, but more importantly, she has learned how to think independently and creatively, connect with other kids her age, and engage in discussion in the caring and non-judgmental (i.e. SAFE!) environment Jenn creates in her studio.



My daughter has blossomed under Jenn’s mentoring; as noted by a deeper sense of self-esteem, understanding the power of words, and trusting her own developing abilities. I have been impressed beyond words by Jenn’s commitment to making this world a better place by guiding both children and adults into deeper reflections of their own innate self-worth and bringing goodness into the world. For example, this past summer, after a difficult news week with stories of police brutality and unimaginable violence, Jenn opened the doors to her art studio for anyone to come in, use her supplies and create art that would foster healing. This action is the epitome of Jenn – trying to make the world a better place by lifting spirits one person at a time.