Business Leadership and Corporate Events

Business Leadership and Corporate Retreats

As a corporate refugee, I love to work with businesses and corporations who are seeking authentic, creative, innovative ways for both connecting with their employees and increasing their bottom line. After witnessing years of egregious managerial mishaps and their direct impact on productivity and morale, I was inspired to create a curriculum for businesses that are looking to increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, foster a spirit of inspirational leadership and employee growth, eliminate bullying in the boardroom, and cultivate compassion in the cubicles.

I help progressive organizations understand how Authenticity, Adaptability, and Accountability can benefit their bottom line. I demonstrate the ways in which the Three A’s foster an enjoyable work environment and contribute to the survival of a company in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

*Small and mid-sized businesses are my specialty.

Companies may choose from the following keynotes/workshops:

  • A Tale of Two Bosses
    • My personal story of two of my bosses and how their managerial styles and interpersonal skills impacted my output, my dedication, and my view of Corporate America (*and why this is particularly relevant in your organization)
      • Joy is not a four-letter word
      • Fear-based leadership vs. Faith-based leadership
      • The importance of work-ethic
      • The importance of courage, connection, and compassion in over-stressed work environments
  • Play to Their Strengths: The Art of Goal Setting
    • Helping leaders and managers shift focus from the paper to the person
      • There is a complex emotional, cognitive, and behavioral anatomy to goal-setting, of which few business leaders are aware. I work with companies to help understand the psychology behind the process.
    • How ego, fear, scarcity, and blame are the key saboteurs in goal setting
    • Why goal-setting should be mutually beneficial
    • Why personal development is just as important as business development
    • Why feelings of engagement, respect, and compassion are critical
    • Helping your organization frame their goals for the highest level of success
      • The power of words
  • The Boardroom Bully
    • How fear-based leadership is killing your organization
    • Moving from ego to soul; the benefits of authenticity and transparency in the workplace
    • Why a scarcity mentality has no business in your workplace
    • We’re all adults here; why autonomy should be your new buzzword
    • Why you don’t always want to be the “smartest” one in the room
  • Women In the Workplace
    • Why women are your ultimate secret weapon
    • The benefits of women supporting other women in the workplace
    • How tapping into women’s gifts and passions fosters massive productivity
    • The unique challenges women face and how you can best become their champions
    • Why you don’t want your ceiling to be made of glass
  • The Art of Goal Setting
    • Discover why you have been having difficulty reaching your personal and professional goals
    • The difference between goals, resolutions, and commitments
    • How self-limiting beliefs could be sabotaging your success
    • The science behind self-talk and why it is integral to the process
    • Learn how to effectively set goals that are attainable and rewarding
    • Bonus content: Mind-mapping, goals with soul, and the secret of ‘muscle testing’ and what your subconscious knows to be true

Book Your Custom Business Event:

Whether you are in need of team building activities or private business coaching for departments in crisis, a custom Self Esteem Through Art business event can be tailored to your specific needs. Events are typically geared towards improving communication, helping people work through personal and organizational differences, boosting employee self-esteem and confidence, quelling departmental in-fighting,  and supporting organizations in flux.

There are times when Human Resources is incapable of finding a solution that is viable for BOTH parties. That is where I come in with proven principles in conflict resolution, personal responsibility, and self-esteem elevation. It’s a win-win for organizations AND employees.

Contact me for additional information and fees.


Important information:

  • Custom programs are available upon request.
  • Keynotes are typically 60 minutes long and will include Q + A.
  • Please review my FAQ page for information regarding payment terms and cancellation policies
  • Workshops can be booked for 2-4 hours. They will include the keynote component as well as applied learning through hands-on group projects/exercises.
    • One of my passions is bringing creativity to the forefront of business environments. I tend to incorporate art as a way of encouraging expression and empathy in the workplace.
  • Contact me directly to ask questions and schedule your personalized corporate event.
  • References are available upon request.