Empowering Women's Groups and Workshops

Women’s Groups and Workshops

I believe there is nothing quite so beautiful as women helping and empowering other women—authentically helping, with no judgment, no pretense, and no expectation of anything in return; women helping other women to succeed, whether it be in life, love, or business. I nurture my vision of a world full of wildly accepting, fearless women who know who they are, what they want, and how they are going to get it. Women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds stepping into their power and unabashedly sharing their gifts with the world.  Women who don’t worry about glass ceilings because they are soaring above them in their private jets. Women who don’t measure their worth by the size of their busts, the thinness of their thighs, or the number on the scale. Women with hutzpah and perspective.

That is my dream. It’s time.

But, my vision is not a reality just yet. It’s going to take work. It’s going to take time to deprogram all of the untrue and unhelpful messages we have received (and continue to receive) as women. We are going to have to learn how to walk again, but walk in truth this time. It’s going to take heart and it’s going to take soul. It’s going to take hunger and it’s going to take desire. It’s going to take a MOVEMENT…

The Movement:

I want you to know I see you out there. You are beautiful, you have these deeply buried, dusty dreams, and you want so badly to soar. But, somewhere along the way, your wings got clipped and you forgot how to fly. I see you, and I created this movement especially for you.

In this movement, there is no guilt or shame.
In this movement, you are not only allowed, but expected, to regularly put yourself first.
In this movement, you are given the tools to rediscover yourself and to identify the things that bring you, and only you, joy.

This is a movement where you get comfortable with some self-care and self-love so that you can go back into the world and be the most bodacious and bad-ass version of yourself possible. This movement is about bringing pieces of your fantasy life into your reality — because you deserve it.

The Details:

I love to gather groups of women and free them from routine. I enjoy midwifing their self-love and personal growth. I run workshops, focus groups, retreats, and even book clubs. I build confidence and I build communities. In these groups, we make friends, we make art, and we make realizations. It’s about giving women a happy and safe place to retreat. It’s about giving women permission to get their dreams back and about encouraging them to live out loud!

My programs take place in the Self Esteem Through Art studio, which is located in Holliston, MA. 


Upcoming public events are listed on our Events page. Private, more intimate gatherings are also encouraged because, quite frankly, it can be hard to get your truth on in front of a group of strangers. For a custom or private event, contact me and we will work together to make it happen. And make it beautiful!