give people the space they needIt was time to dust off the microphone today and discuss some thoughts on giving people space to process things in their own way and on their own terms. I talk a bit about how, when we are uncomfortable with someone else’s emotions, our egos can kick into gear and we can start acting in ways that can be deemed off-putting and inflammatory.

We often have a strong desire to FIX people’s sadness, anger, and displeasure because those emotions make US uncomfortable. Very rarely as a society, and as a people, do we allow people to just sit with their emotions and process them at their own speed. We poke, we prod, we dilute, we change subjects. There is a subtle manipulation that happens and I talk all about the psychology behind WHY.

In this podcast, I share two stories about people needing space and how each scenario played out in the end. I give tips for shifting your mindset from one of “FIXER” to one of “ALLOWER.”

As always, my wish is that you keep laughing, learning, and loving.
With so much love and peace,
Jenn & Areté Today