August break 2011
Because it is summer (and I love summer), and the weather is gorgeous (I love gorgeous, sunshiney weather), and my camera has been largely underutilized (I want to take more pictures) — I am going to devote this month to the August Break. The concept, created by the talented Susannah Conway, is that blog posts are minimalist at best and include a photo a day (or perhaps I will modify to a couple photos every couple of days). The goal is to get outside and off of the computer — to take my face out from behind a screen and enjoy the fleeting days of summer.

So, I will start the Break with a couple pictures of the beauty of the butterfly. I captured this one in my garden, feasting on the butterfly bush in my front yard. Enjoy!

This is not a Monarch Butterfly — does anyone know what kind it is? (I would look it up, but that would require more screen time.) Upon closer inspection of this image, I just noticed that this poor dear is missing a chunk off the bottom of its left wing. 🙁

yellow butterfly

Butterfly on lilacs

Yellow and black butterflyUntil next time…flutter, flutter!