Areté Today, a PodcastIn today’s Areté Today Podcast, I talk about the tremendous power and privilege that comes with using the Internet.  Because I am a first-world entrepreneur, teacher, and parent, I spend a significant amount of time on the Internet both for business and pleasure. I am often shocked and saddened by what lives there.

Driven by a combination of Keyboard Courage, arrogance, and ignorance, we forget that there is a moral and ethical responsibility that accompanies ALL communication — regardless of the mode of delivery.

Today’s monologue aims to convince you that the Internet—and it’s distant cousin the Text Message—are real places where people go for connection, compassion, and curiosity. On the other side of that broadband connection and virtual storage cloud lies billions of people with heartbeats and real feelings. WHAT WE PUT OUT THERE WITH OUR THUMBS MATTERS! Every Tweet, text, post, article, and image has the capacity to change the world, both for good and for evil. Which one are you typically choosing?

There is so much more on this topic over in my expanded show notes; including discussion on some of my not-so-fine moments from the Internet and my “Power and Privilege of the Internet Pledge.” I hope you will take it with me and help change the world for the better.

Much love and peace,