Shaylagh baby

You were perfectly pink on the day you were born, seven years ago. With your black tuft of hair, your kissable lips, and the broken blood vessel on the tip of your nose (that we can still see, if we look hard enough). I loved your sweet baby newness. Your warmth.

toddler in pool

Your chunky thighs will be talked about for generations. You’ve long since grown out of those gams, but we relished in your dimples and dents while they lasted.

Shaylagh in crib

I have always loved watching you sleep. Your soft, shallow breaths and the way your eyelids flicker. The smell of your skin, fresh from the tub, as I lean in to give you a kiss and tuck you in again, for the second time.

at the beach

I have always loved your spunk. You have always been so comfortable in your own skin and you are not afraid to march to the beat of your own drum.

concentration face

I love your “concentration face” when you are working hard on something. 🙂

holding hands

You look up to your sister, trust her implicitly, and hang on her every word. I love that about you.


I love your sweet, silly smile. Your exuberance. Your floppy, silken pigtails. Your goofy giggle. Your frills and your floof.

blaster boat

You are enamored with water. And, I love that about you. Doesn’t matter if it’s bumper boats, the neighbor’s pool, the ocean, or your 25 minute showers. You love to splash, swim, and jump.


Mainly, you are one cool, calm, and collected little dudette. And, basically, what it boils down to is that I love being your mom.

7th birthday

Happy birthday, Shay! XOXO