Keeping it light today with a little visual eye candy. I was inspired to look around and think about what makes me happy. What inanimate objects bring me the most joy? What are some of the things I could not live without? How about you? What makes your heart soar?

remember when
I love all of the little quotes and sayings that are found in my home. They make me smile, they keep me grounded, and they add a touch of whimsy and truth to my space.

My yard/gardens are a labor of love. The second I step outside or pull into the driveway, a smile crosses my face. I find working with soil very relaxing and the visual reward is stunning! As you can see, I love the color red and incorporate it in the yard in as many ways as I can. It just POPS!

The most superior anti-aging and wellness products on the market. They keep me looking and feeling young. Since finding Vitality, I have increased energy, better quality of sleep, improved workouts, and my migraines have disappeared. LifePak and G3 provide me with unparalleled supplementation and help keep my skin and hair in tip-top shape. I can’t live without my Galvanic Spa. I have spent more than 30 years of my life baking in the sun (often without sunscreen) and there is no doubt that I would be “weathering” had I not found this little hand-held miracle! Lines + wrinkles: substantially diminished. Pores: invisible. Skin: squeaky clean + hydrated. Bliss!!

things i like
I don’t know where I would be without my technological gadgets! They keep me connected for work and for play. I can’t exercise without my iPod! My phone and my laptop allow me to work seamlessly — whether at my desk, at a local coffeehouse, or by the seashore. I love that I am free from the confines of an office! My camera is often at my side. From it, I pour over images that eventually become scrapbook pages. Capturing the everyday, creating a legacy for my children, engaging in a couple forms of art and stress release. The final image is just a small portion of my sea glass collection. The summers are full of trips to the ocean where I scour the shore for treasures, often accompanied by my daughters (and occasionally my mom — she is the one who started my sea glass tradition). These things all make me so happy!

Favorite things

A few of my favorite places and things to do are: sitting on the edge of the shore with my Kindle, watching my beloved Bruins play, the DeCordova Museum, and my bedroom. As far as I am concerned, I feel most at peace when the lull of the waves are close by. The DeCordova is a great place to connect with the outdoors and experience the art all around me, and my room is a sanctuary where I rest and recharge.

Share your favorites with me. I would love to see them! XO