A while back, I was talking to a good friend of mine and mentioned to him what the Vitality supplement was designed to do (physical, mental, and sexual benefits). He chuckled a little and said, “I can’t wait until you start to blog about your increased desire.” Now, this is before it was available, so I had no idea what my results would be (but I was hopeful). After 3 weeks on the product, I am here to report back to you on how I feel. There is a lot to cover, so I will talk about my husband and all of the other testimonials I have collected in another post. This one is all about me.

I have noticed some very concrete things since taking this supplement, and I really hope you will keep reading. I guarantee that someone you know and love needs (and wants) this supplement and will thank you profusely for introducing them to it!

    • First off, I am sleeping much better. Many people report sleeping less, but that is not the case for me. I still get an average of 6-7 hours a night, but the QUALITY of my sleep is much better. I am not waking up as much, not tossing and turning, and I am definitely dreaming more (which is an indicator of REM sleep — the deepest, most restorative kind of sleep). I wake up refreshed each day — regardless of whether I have had 4 hours of sleep or 8 hours. I’m ready to start my day and don’t crave a few more hits of the snooze bar or wish that the kids wouldn’t talk so much first thing in the morning. Who do you know that wishes they could sleep better? And wake feeling refreshed?

  • I have a steady, consistent energy all day long. I am no longer reaching for carbs, sugar, and soda in the afternoon to get me over the hump. And, I don’t crave it — ever. I have gone from having at least 4-5 sodas a week and a few Starbucks chai teas, to nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I have enough energy to do all of the things I want and need to do over the course of a day and then can shut down when it is time to go to sleep and easily drift off. Who do you know that needs more energy? Who do you know that would benefit tremendously from less caffeine, less sugar, less harmful stimulants? Whose quality of life would improve with more energy?
  • I did not get jet lag. I flew to Utah for a convention after being on the product for about 10 days. I didn’t suffer from jet lag at all! I was up for almost 22 hours on my travel day — no naps on the plane, no downtime. On the day I arrived in Utah, I didn’t get to my hotel until after midnight (2 a.m. east coast time) and didn’t get to bed until after 2 a.m. (4 a.m. east coast time). My mother accidentally called me at 4:15 a.m Utah time (yes, after 2 hours sleep). I laid in bed for a while, but I was basically up for the day. After 2 hours sleep, I attended a full day of convention and was out having dinner and socializing until after 10:30 p.m. If you have never been to a convention – there is a ton of walking, and a huge need to be alert. I was. On the 3rd day of convention, I was in my first session by 8 a.m. and was rockin’ and rollin’ until 1 a.m. Ditto on the last day. I flew home on the 5th day, and easily reacclimated to east coast time. I was up late, slept well, and woke refreshed to get the kids off to school the next day. Miraculous!! Who do you know that would be more productive in their career without jet lag?
  • I feel happier. And calmer. I am not sweating the small stuff. Like when my computer died for the 3rd time in 4 months. Or when my car cost me another $580 for the 2nd time in as many months. Or when my kids dump their last-minute school projects on me (that require either an investment of time, or money, or both on my part — when I already have a million other things going on). I feel like I have a built-in crisis prevention kit coursing through my veins and it feels awesome! Who do you know that would benefit from a feeling of calm?
  • I feel focused and on-task. I am 100% present in whatever I am doing. I am not distracted, or forgetful, or anxious about the next big thing. If I am working, I work. If I am playing, I play. I am not walking into rooms wondering why I am there, or staring in the fridge for 5 minutes because I forget why I opened it. Who (besides every single parent in the world) do you know that could use greater mental acuity and focus?
  • My random aches and pains are gone. I’m not exactly the Old Gray Mare yet, but I am pushing 40 and things aren’t always working the way I want them to. I had a pain in my right shoulder and neck for the past 3 months. I would wake up stiff and uncomfortable. Not any more. My neck hasn’t hurt me in 2 weeks. I haven’t gotten physical therapy or taken up yoga. My only change was this supplement. Who do you know that would benefit from less aches and pains?
  • **If you don’t want to know a bit of info about my libido, skip this bullet. Vitality makes my loins sing! It might say 2010 on the calendar, but my libido thinks it’s 1995. I am happy. My husband is really happy. I will leave it at that. Who do you know (besides every parent of small children in the world) that wants to rekindle some romance and improve in both quality and quantity?
  • This could be the best part of all (and again, might be viewed as TMI, so proceed with caution). I did not have PMS this month!! I am not typically one of those Pamprin-popping, cramp-laden women, but I have noticed that over the past few years I would get a wee bit moody for a day or two (my husband typically bore the brunt of this — I was able to conceal it from the rest of the world). Not this time — I was whistling Dixie! AND — I DID NOT HAVE ONE SINGLE MIGRAINE!! Do you know how huge this is for me?!? I have been battling menstrual migraines since my daughter was born 9 and 1/2 years ago. They were horrible, often debilitating, and they would last for up to a week. The only thing that would help was Imitrex nasal spray, but I used it sparingly and dealt with the pain. I don’t like taking medication because the potential for side-effects freaks me out. If this keeps up and my migraines disappear for good — I am going to be buying a billboard to talk about this stuff (I would say I was going to buy stock in this stuff, but I thankfully already did that)!

Now, I am not saying that you will see the same benefits as I have. I am hearing a wide variety of testimonials — and they are all remarkable in their own right, but no two are identical. I am also not saying that ageLOC Vitality is a cure for PMS or migraines or aches and pains. And, it goes without saying that you should always consult your physician with your concerns. But, what I AM saying is that this is a scientifically proven formula that can help your brain, heart, and muscles feel youthful and alive again. The rest is an added bonus!

If you crave more concrete information, I am including a very short video clip from Dr. Prolla, one of our partners at LifeGen Technologies.

This is another video clip you might find helpful:

This is how awesome people are feeling!

I encourage you to think of everyone you know and be unselfish. Who can you help today? Who needs their mojo back? Who wants to feel more vital? More alive? Have those people contact me right away!

And, if you are really savvy, your entrepreneurial bones are tingling like a tuning fork right now!  You are starting to think about how relevant this product is. You are realizing that it spans all generations — from the Red Bull indulging college students to your stooped-over grandparents. You are realizing that both sexes will benefit from this, and it will be just as beneficial for the hard-core athlete as it is for a working mother or a successful businessman. The target market is as simple as anyone who ever says they are tired (i.e. EVERYONE). **We sold over $15 million of this product in a mere 2 weeks — before it is even officially on the market — and ONLY in North America! If you even remotely understand the magnitude of this, we need to talk! Catch the wave…don’t be floundering around in the water after it has already crashed on the shore.

Well, time to sign off — I have a million more things I want to accomplish before I drift off into my peaceful sleep tonight! Sweet dreams….