women's classes in metro bostonWhen I launched the Self Esteem Through Art program in 2011, I knew I wanted a successful business but I spent a LOT of time self-sabotaging and allowing others to sabotage me.
I would run a beautifully awesome class for girls, the feedback would be phenomenal, and families would be begging for more. I wouldn’t run another class for 6 months.
I would vocalize my desire for a successful after-school program for girls and the gremlins would ask me who I thought I was and tell me there was no demand for something like that. They would ask me who was going to take care of my kids while I was out doing this for other people’s kids. It took me years to offer after-school programs.
When I would tell people that art was my miraculous healing tool and women and girls were resonating with my business model and approach, they would tell me I had no business doing this because I was not a “classically trained artist.” I believed them.
I collaborated on a magnificent women’s retreat in early 2013 where we spent a day by the fire in a New England log cabin. It was powerful medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. The women loved it. They offered to spread the word and wanted to know when I would do another one. It took me 3 years to offer another program for women.
I allowed other people’s “not-enoughness” rub off on me and seep into my pores. I let small people make me feel small right alongside them. I had unmotivated, jealous, spiteful people as mentors and partners. I took on other people’s fears and made them my own. I used my family as an excuse because I wanted to believe that they needed me more than my business and my dreams needed me.
I got real with myself in the latter part of 2014 and started to formulate an exit strategy from my own self-limiting beliefs, the unreasonable demands of others on my time and energy, and the desire of others to keep me small and pliable.
Fast forward to today and I am lovingly and creatively guiding women on their pilgrimages to do the same. There is no more time to waste.
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